A fling or affair in a marriage

Infidelity among spouses is unfortunately a common phenomenon. Today you can hear many betrayal stories among relatives, friends, co-workers, and more. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you and you notice signs of a wife’s infidelity or signs of a husband’s infidelity such as prolonged time with the mobile phone even outside working hours, long stay away from home, unusual behavior, regular excuses and the like there is a possibility that your spouse is having an affair outside of marriage or a relationship.

We encourage you to rely on your instincts alongside awareness for signs of infidelity among your spouse and to thoroughly examine whether there is indeed truth in your suspicions. The ITI Investigations Office will help you, with the escort of a private investigator and highly professional staff to verify your suspicions.

What is treason

 Infidelity between women and men is defined as a breach of trust between spouses and can occur at any stage during life and the creation of the marital system. Infidelity can be seen as a symptom of a particular problem and not as a problem in itself.

Marital infidelity or infidelity in a relationship is a sign, often unconscious, of distress in the relationship or can be a signal to end the relationship. When one spouse feels that he or she is missing something in the emotional and interpersonal relationship, he or she may find himself or herself having an affair with someone who will provide for these needs for him or her.

True betrayal stories reveal with them unpleasant examples of betrayal and affair management outside of married life in various sectors.

Why betrayal occurs

 There are countless stories of betrayals and the reason for this is not homogeneous. Most of the time, after a long and ongoing relationship, the intense emotions that have established the relationship fade, the routine is stressful and we try to look for thrills outside of the relationship.

Marital infidelity is common and is often based on interpersonal difficulties, financial problems, lack of courtship and loneliness, ongoing home management, raising and educating children that draw extra energy, sexual dissatisfaction, and the like. When the need for attention is not realized, difficulties arise that overwhelm the marital system with frustrations, anger, and unresolved quarrels.

Nowadays the age of technology has brought many options for exposure, so there is always a feeling that the relationship we have in our home is not enough and there is a better alternative, which can lead one of the couple to look for thrills outside and have infidelity in marriage. A private infidelity investigator will help you confirm your feelings that the relationship is fading and will verify to you if there is a betrayal of trust by your spouse.

Types of cheating – What types of cheating exist

Many betrayal stories to which we have been exposed as a firm of betrayal investigators and psychological studies have identified different types of betrayals in relationships. The division is made into three main types of infidelity: Corrective infidelity which their main purpose is to improve the marital life and can ultimately be beneficial in improving the matrimonial system.

This type of infidelity is characterized by the need to attract the attention of the spouse. While this is a betrayal of trust but it has the ability to rebuild relationships alongside open and healthy communication. Transitional betrayal aims to end the current relationship. Infidelity in this type of marriage is mainly characterized when the spouse avoids confronting the other party and the deep problems that exist in the joint relationship.

Following this, they will prefer to end the relationship in the form of betrayal and affair management. Selfish infidelity is the infidelity of women or infidelity of men that characterizes people with difficulty in commitment, who seek thrills at any given moment in their lives, superficial and lack of empathy towards the other side.

This type of betrayal is done mainly due to the enjoyment and satisfaction of the risk and the constant excitement. These people will want to stay within the marriage institution yet will not stop having an affair behind their back.

Betrayal of trust – Does betrayal lead to the termination of the relationship and the family?

The question of whether to end the marriage and the relationship following the infidelity of the wife or the infidelity of the husband depends on several factors. First of all, you need to understand what values ​​ are important to you.

To the extent that a betrayal of trust is a top value for you that crosses every line, you will probably not be able, even if you really make an effort, to stay in the relationship and continue to trust your spouse. If there is great and deep love and openness between you, many betrayal stories end in a successful and united relationship for years to come, with a desire to improve family life and an opportunity to save what exists. Also, people avoid breaking up a marriage due to other reasons such as financial dependence, children, fear of loneliness, and the like.

An infidelity private investigator will help you confirm your suspicions

In case you are aware of signs of infidelity among your spouses but are unsure about it so, just before you decide to “blow up” the relationship and deal with the consequences, you should go to an infidelity investigation office. Through the close supervision of a professional and experienced infidelity private investigator, your concerns can be verified or refuted.

The practices of an infidelity private investigator include comprehensive cheating surveillance, covert observations, and unequivocal evidence. Cheating Investigation Office “…” specializes in collecting evidence to expose cheating through observations and surveillance, hidden camera, and more.

The cost of an infidelity private investigator is not particularly cheap, however, since this is a sensitive and delicate issue, it is best to employ the services of a professional and skilled investigator who will not leave a trace and do his job most discreetly.

Exposing cheating most professionally and reliably for you

If you suspect that there are signs of the infidelity of the husband or wife, it is very important to take the services of a professional and skilled infidelity investigator. An infidelity private investigator will help you gather the most credible evidence that can be used in case of need for evidence in court.

If you have indeed discovered that your spouse is having an extramarital affair and you are interested in divorce proceedings and division of custody of the children, solid and credible evidence can be a valuable tool before the rabbinical court and before the family court.

If you come to court with evidence that is unfounded and inadmissible, the justice you deserve for being betrayed by your spouse will not be done. The services of an infidelity private detective will take care of collecting for you the evidence that can be used later against the spouse.

Take your life in your hands with the help of an infidelity private investigator. Cheating is unfortunately a common and widespread phenomenon in Israel and around the world. You will hear stories of betrayal in the ultra-Orthodox world, stories of betrayal in the workplace, stories of betrayal of women, stories of betrayal of men, and more.

Discovering infidelity in marriage or infidelity in relationships is not a simple matter to deal with. However, it is better to confront the harsh reality than to deny it. If you suspect that there are too many signs of infidelity on the part of your spouse, you should listen to your inner voice and examine the issue in-depth with the help of an infidelity private investigator.

Exposing infidelity between spouses raises many concerns and has implications for the future, but you must remember that it is not your fault and you deserve a sincere, genuine, sensitive, and caring relationship.

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