The benefits of the private investigator

 Constant suspicions overflow us in our daily lives – from suspicion of infidelity on the part of the spouse, through suspicion of harming the baby in kindergarten or with the caregiver to suspicion of betrayal of trust due to improper conduct of the employees in the business you own. Companies and corporations who are anxious about dealing with other companies and decide to gather business intelligence about their competitors, or even get strategic advice for their company.

These suspicions are at best revealed as fantasies – so in this case they were just a nuisance, but if there is any truth in them? We should better know it as soon as possible. This will allow us to avoid problems or deal with them when they are still small and before they become a widespread phenomenon with huge damage to our lives.

When we encounter such a situation, we ask ourselves – a private investigation or a police investigation?

So what exactly is a private investigation and who is the private investigator?

A private investigator is someone who has undergone specific training and professional specialization, after which he has received a license from the Ministry of Justice to engage in private investigations, i.e. both small and personal investigations such as infidelity on the part of one spouse, as well as larger and more general investigations such as gathering business intelligence or strategic advice.

A qualified and recognized investigator works in full compliance with the law and knows how to present to his client all the relevant evidence for verifying or summoning the suspicions, for which the investigation was ordered. Beyond that, it is extremely important to note that the investigation must be conducted correctly, and then the private investigator’s report is admissible in court and can be used as evidence. For this reason, it is extremely important to work with a recognized and licensed researcher.

Investigation offices are often opened and managed by professionals in the field of investigations, after completing senior positions in the police and the general security service. In the same way, researchers who have gained experience in the private market can be just as effective. What is important is that the Bureau of Investigation has all the necessary licenses by law.

Researchers need to exercise a lot of creativity to use legal and correct tools, and carry out the entire investigation in as short periods as possible, and achieve reliable results. Beyond that, discretion is no less critical in these sensitive cases. Skilled professionals can carry out the investigation correctly, professionally, and quickly.

Who is a private investigator?

Although it is easy for us to identify a correlation between private investigators and personal investigations, in fact, investigators conduct quite a few inquiries for commercial companies, insurance companies, and of course law firms. The service does cost quite a bit, but the results are excellent and allow the private or business customer to find out what really happened and act correctly based on the findings.

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the capabilities of the private investigator and its benefits. Consequently, the prevailing question is why to choose a private investigator over other options such as contacting the police.

There is a big difference between a private and a police investigation. First, there are very many cases coming to the Ministry of Police, when there is never enough manpower to take care of them all, so they need to be prioritized.

Note that sometimes ministers or even the prime minister chooses to give priority to this or that investigation, and the mystery is solved within a few days, but in most cases, police investigations become complicated and lengthy simply because there is no one available to handle them, and the longer it takes, the less likely to solve the mystery.

Beyond that, sometimes the case is simply irrelevant to the police because it does not constitute a violation of criminal law. The most prominent example of such a situation deals with the investigation of infidelity between spouses. The law does not prohibit the act, so the police do not handle such small investigations. If so, the only way to get to the truth is to turn to a private investigator.

When contacting the police, a long and tedious process begins, which includes filing a complaint, opening a case, questioning and writing affidavits, gathering evidence, hearings, and finally a trial if necessary. This process can take from several months to years, depending on the circumstances of the case, the progress of the investigation, and of course the workload of the people in charge.

On the other hand, when you turn to a private investigator, your request is treated as one of the dozens, a situation that allows for personal treatment, in-depth and thorough treatment, and thus faster progress to obtain the desired results. It is worth noting that the investigator’s salary does not depend on the results of the investigation but certainly on its progress, unlike a police officer.

Second, a high percentage of cases handled by the police end up with “minor” convictions relative to the case or no convictions at all due to lack of evidence. A police investigator has limited abilities in investigating a suspect and is obligated to act according to clear guidelines. Also, in a formal interrogation, the subject may and will probably prepare beforehand and choose his words carefully. On the other hand, the abilities of the private investigator and the range of activities he can expand are wider.

The investigator will allocate broader resources to each case, including background checks, field investigations, surveillance, wiretaps, and covert investigations. During covert interrogation, the subject is caught “unprepared” and as a result does not weigh his words. A situation that leads to clear confessions in actions and solid evidence.

In addition to all, many cases require investigation in which the privacy of those involved and of the case is critical and extremely important. In these cases, the complainant does not want to have a record with law enforcement or government officials about his condition and the situation in which he finds himself.

These records may reveal certain connections between those involved in the investigation, increase the risk of information leaks, and most importantly leave a mark and possibility for further surveillance in the future.

Business intelligence – strategic consulting accompanied by a private investigator

For example, in the field of business intelligence, when a corporation / large company is interested in gathering information and business intelligence about their competing companies or even about companies that are about to make deals with them. In such cases, it is important because competitive knowledge about a business opponent must necessarily be gathered in complete secrecy.

This is the advantage for the party collecting the information which uses the services of the Office of Investigation / Private Investigator. Besides, also in the field of industrial espionage and strategic consulting for companies and businesses – an investigation conducted in these areas may usually be conducted in confidence and is, therefore, a necessary area for the use of an investigation office.

Therefore, many people prefer to hire the services of the private investigator and make use of the investigative materials themselves, according to the opinion and advice of the investigator and without outside intervention by law enforcement agencies. The findings of the investigation, the information about the client, and all the accompanying materials remain confidential in the Office of Private Investigations and there is no fear of leakage or exposure on his part.

Some people believe that in a situation that requires an investigation, the enforcement agent must be contacted in the first place since the ultimate need will be to file a complaint and later file a lawsuit.

Thus, according to them, it is better to “precede the latter” and carry out the entire process in the same institution that is competent for enforcement and punishment. This approach is mistaken since a legal proceeding backed in the first place by solid evidence from a private investigator is much stronger and immune to counter-arguments and loopholes. As already mentioned, the results of a private investigation that include the confession of the subject in the act, will strengthen and increase the legal case and will also allow for the shortening of processes. Therefore, initiating a legal proceeding that is backed by the findings of a private investigation has tremendous benefits.

When to contact an investigation office?

Before we introduce a new person to our immediate environment, we should make sure that he does not bring with him a negative charge, for example, before marriage, or before hiring a new employee. Moreover, when our relationship with a close person runs aground, we want to find out who is stealing from our private business, locate a debtor’s assets, expose a betrayal of our trust, and the like. In any case in your life where you are interested in finding out beyond what you know, even if it is small investigations or general investigations, you should contact investigation offices and private investigators.

It can be seen that the services of the private investigator have great advantages which amount to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality which is so important, allocating broad resources to every application, personal treatment and close accompaniment, use of covert investigative means which bring unique results, thorough and in-depth evidence collection used in legal proceedings, and personal attention and adjustment for the customer’s invaluable needs.

ITI Investigations and Strategic Consulting was founded over 20 years ago by private investigator Irad Tamir.

The employees in the office are from special units, who are authorized to engage in investigations under a license from the Ministry of Justice and undergo professional training on an ongoing basis. Among other things, the employees are competent in everything related to testifying in court, the police, and the various authorities.

Besides, the company operates with top service providers in related fields and also collaborates on an ongoing basis with the leading investigation offices in Europe and Africa. The company provides services to the various underwriters in the world of Lloyd’s and also conducts various and extensive investigations for international enforcement and supervision bodies – including international investigations.

The firm has various departments that specialize in the various areas of law: damages, criminal, commercial – work and family.

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