Signs of betrayal and what to do?

What are the signs of betrayal? Do you suspect that your husband is cheating on you?

You have intuition and you do not imagine. Although everything seems ‘normal’ you understand that something is not going well. Sometimes it’s hard to admit it. ‘All men are traitors’ they will tell you, but you’re still not sure that’s the case.

We know it’s not easy for you right now. Maybe you’re already thinking about divorce, you’re probably thinking about the kids, the house, the property, but a moment before all don’t you think you deserve to know the truth?

And come on, it’s not that you can call the Israel Police and ask for a “cheating investigator” to come to you immediately. It is clear to you that you need to find a professional and discreet private investigator who will give you reliable information that will help you plan your steps forward wisely.

Sometimes it sounds threatening. Cheating is a word that appears in telenovelas. Hiring a private investigator sounds like something other women do. But we can guarantee you a professional and discreet service designed to assure you of the truth that has been stolen from you. If you want to hear more about the nature of the work of a private investigator, how surveillance is performed and what services can be obtained from a professional investigation office, keep reading.

Let’s start from the beginning

First of all, it is important to know: any family lawyer will tell you that the findings you collect, whether it was thanks to a private investigator or whether it is information you have collected with your own hands, you should first keep to yourself. If you decide to go into divorce proceedings the information you collect can be used by you in court. We, therefore, recommend that, as soon as you choose a professional and trusted private investigator, change your phone password, make sure you have somewhere to store your sensitive materials, and take time to clarify important details in a way that will not arouse suspicion. You do not know what you are about to find when you type ‘cheat private investigator’ into Google for the first time. You must believe us that there is also no reason why anything other than you, who is making the way to discover the truth, knew what you found.

Signs of infidelity

Infidelity can happen in the best families and the most promising relationships without us thinking about the existence of the crisis. However, some early signs can arouse our suspicion and in this case, it would be advisable to come to an investigative office to confirm or refute these concerns.

Among the broad symbols you can find the following:

Extreme behavior

change: Spouses usually know each other well and know how to recognize extreme behavior changes that can occur due to infidelity. Sometimes among many couples, the feeling of “this is not the person I knew before” is created. The change in the behavior of the cheating spouse is often because a cheating person may experience remorse, anger, or shame. According to the projection mechanism found in the reasonable person, to deal with feelings of guilt the betrayal party may attribute his feelings towards another person and in this case, get angry at the betrayed party and blame him for no reason.

A multiplicity of “white” lies:

Usually, especially in the case of an ongoing affair, the unfaithful party will find himself making great efforts to hide his betrayal and will be forced to plan his actions carefully, which will make it difficult for the examinee to come up with big lies and find evidence of betrayal. However, a long affair may require a large amount of “white lies” that may arouse the suspicion of the other party and undermine the credibility of the traitor.

Lies in financial matters:

Exposed lies related to economic conduct must necessarily arouse suspicion in the other party because these are significant lies that usually indicate signs of a woman’s infidelity or signs of a man’s infidelity. These lies can be like – opening a secret bank account, unreported additional income, hiding financial expenses, and more – can be a preliminary and significant sign of betrayal and especially of an affair.

Physical and emotional coldness:

A prominent characteristic among traitors and especially among those who have an affair is the coldness or distance that is often expressed both mentally and physically. This can be since the cheating party is physical with you but in fact, his feelings and thoughts are probably in a completely different place, and to deal with it he must disengage and move away physically and mentally.

Problematic family background:

Sometimes a person who comes from a strict education may want to explore his limits and betray because a rigid education can suppress sexuality. Besides, even a person who comes from a “ruined” family with a history of infidelity may statistically betray and not treat it as something problematic. It is therefore important to understand the preliminary background of your spouse to know whether the behavior that leads to infidelity may later arise.

Spouse’s mental state:

The spouse’s state or mental state is a significant sign that needs a lot of attention. Often the reason for infidelity is not because of the sex but is an inner confrontation of the cheating party with himself and his life. Thus any significant impact on your spouse’s life can be a suspicious and early sign of infidelity and act as a trigger. For example, dismissal, failure, etc.

Change in emotional connection:

Sometimes a person who thinks of betrayal in his head will try to find many ways to justify his thoughts and decisions on an emotional level and therefore he can become more critical, “shorter” – impatient, “looking for a fight”, etc.

Decreased frequency of intercourse:

Many times after many years of marriage or relationship there is a decrease in the frequency of intercourse due to “burnout”. If you have stopped having sex with your partner – there is a good chance that they will continue to do so, just not with you. Many times in situations where the status quo is like this, people tend not to talk about “it” – this is a mistake because the lack of discourse on the subject is only fertile ground for the continuation of this behavior. When you feel that your intimate relationship is eroding you should turn your best efforts and attention to solving the problem like renewing and diversifying your sex life and raising the issue to awareness.

Spontaneous improvement in a relationship after a long period of difficulty and without doing anything to improve:

A spontaneous improvement in a relationship without being worked on is almost unreasonable and therefore the chances are that the improvement is in fact indifference which replaced the quarrels. If the spouse has an affair, their other relationship becomes less vulnerable and relevant. The opposite of love is not hatred – but indifference.

Uncharacteristic cellular overprotection:

While privacy is important for the integrity of any relationship, it is also reasonable in a relationship where there is no betrayal. However, when it comes to a suspicious sign of betrayal, in the case when one of the parties who has so far acted transparently regarding his cellphone – suddenly becomes anxious every time he receives a call or message, or when someone approaches and touches the device. Overprotection can be a warning light for conversations that indicate betrayal or a process that ends in betrayal.

This sounds obvious, but it’s important to check again, why do you think he’s cheating on you?

You know these articles in women’s magazines. ‘My husband is cheating on me on what to do’. It always seems in these articles as if the authors are targeting the articles for young women not to say – for those who are not particularly smart.

We will not ask you if you have seen signs of infidelity in your husband. But we will tell you that when you are looking for an investigation office it is important that you find out for yourself: Why are you looking for a service of treason investigations?

why is it important? Because the work of an investigation office begins first of all with an understanding of the situation. We know this sounds confusing but let’s give an example: Could it be that your suspicion arose due to the appearance of strange details in the bank account? If so, then the first thing to do is an economic investigation.

But if the suspicion arose as a result of your husband’s different and discreet conduct with his cell phone, then perhaps the investigation should focus on finding a phone number? Needless to say, these are just two small examples of directions the investigation can take. But our recommendation, just before you turn to look for a private investigator is to take the time to figure out what exactly raised your suspicion.

Do not worry, this does not mean we leave you alone. You can always consult a private investigator on our behalf who will help you sharpen your suspicions based on our extensive experience in the field. But it is important to remember that the one who is there all the time is you. Only you can testify which of your husband’s behaviors is more or less strange to you.

One thing to know about a private investigation

A civil investigation office is subject to Israeli law. It is very important to make sure in the search stages of a private investigator that it works legally. Illegal cheating investigator activity can complicate you during a divorce proceeding. You do not want to get into a situation where a family lawyer makes the evidence in your possession irrelevant just because of the way it was taken. Therefore, the first thing to know about the process is that even if the work is done slower than expected, the main thing is that you get the information you need legally.

How is a private investigation conducted?

Interrogation Stage: As mentioned, the first thing a private investigator will look at is what raised your suspicion. We have written on the subject extensively before but it’s important to clarify that, in any case, a private investigator on our behalf will sit down with you during the interrogation and come to conclusions with you about the order of actions you will need to take to get results. You must choose a discreet place to meet with the same cheating investigator. After all, as you already know, betrayal investigations are investigations that require maximum sensitivity.

Stages of the investigation itself:

The investigation may involve locating funds and it may be that the investigation will be through an Internet test. What is important to know is that the work of a private investigator should include a lot of parameters that not everyone can be aware of when conducting the investigation. This is where the most important thing in the process comes in – trust. We know that you are currently in a difficult situation and that it is already difficult for you to believe anything. But you hire a private investigator to do the things you cannot do yourself. Betrayal investigations require time, patience and consistency. Your way to help us is by taking a deep breath and trusting us to do the best work for you.

The evidence:

Here we are already at the end of the process. This is the stage where you and the same private investigator you are using will understand that you have all the information needed to move on. If you are interested in starting a divorce proceeding, we recommend that you involve a family lawyer who will help you understand how the data in your possession gives you good and effective service in court. Do not worry, we are not referring to this stage from a purely rational place. We know you are going through difficult times. It is important for us that you know that our choice of professionals stems, among other things, from their human relationships. As good and professional a private investigator as you are, you should be sensitive to the situation you are in and give you all the support you need throughout the process.

Summary and some important points just before we start working

You are now, at the end of the article, in a place where you are much smarter than you were when you listed ‘Private Cheats Investigator’ on Google a little while ago. Our recommendation is not to do anything impulsive even though you are not having an easy experience at all.

Remember that you are a mature and smart enough woman to choose how to do things on the best side. Choose wisely a private investigator who will help you know the truth that will give you the option to choose the best choices for you.

Either way, we are here at your service at any time. You are welcome to contact us now so that we can give you a professional and reliable service today. We do not need you to look for ten reasons to be sure he is cheating on you.

We believe in you and want to be by your side in the moment of truth – ITI investigations.

Irad Tamir,

A certified private investigator with over 20 years of experience in intelligence gathering and crisis resolution.

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