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ITI Investigations and Strategic Consulting

" Every purpose is established by counsel and with good advice carry on war "

Proverbs 20:18

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    In a world of endless competition, continuous information gathering makes a significant advantage. This is sometimes referred to as industrial espionage and the basis for business development and the development of a business at the expense of its aggressive competitors



    Strategic consulting and crisis management gives our clients a relative advantage for crisis management and resolution while managing the risks involved in the decision-making process in real-time

    We assist in researching the truth and solving the problem for the party that will be quicker and smarter to integrate it and thus win the fight

    Investigations conducted outside the territory of the State of Israel and within its jurisdiction. The investigations take place under foreign conditions that require the firm’s close ties with its local sources



    We specialize in organizational security and its improvement, in reliability tests for employees, sorting them, examining their loyalty to the organization, and supervising them while neutralizing hostile factors and possible threats