Strategic consulting and crisis management

Strategic consulting is a service provided to companies and organizations to help them shape their business strategy and adapt to changing market and environmental conditions and following crises.

Strategic consulting is a significant tool at the high levels of the organization and the company staff specializes in accompanying these processes and adapting the organization to changing market conditions, locating the source of the crisis and required defensive and offensive actions.

What is the difference between strategic consulting and organizational consulting?

There are 3 essential differences between strategic consulting and organizational consulting:

Strategic consulting focuses on and discusses the “what” – what are the organization’s objectives, what are its goals, and more. Organizational consulting, on the other hand, discusses the “how” – the way in which the goals we have set in strategic consulting are achieved.

Strategic consulting deals first with the organization’s environment and then with the organization’s conduct, while organizational consulting focuses on internal organizational management.

Strategic consulting primarily addresses and serves the top-level management of the organization while organizational consulting serves the organization as a whole.

What exactly is a crisis in the business context?

A crisis can be an unplanned event that can negatively affect the credibility or good name of the organization and thus endanger its existence or cause severe damage to it in terms of performance, financially, and more.

When is it advisable to seek strategic advice?

Strategic advice is often given to companies that are interested in expanding into new markets, launching a new strategy, launching a new product, and other similar situations to enable them to make these significant moves wisely. In addition, strategic consulting is a very effective tool in times of crisis to plan and drive change in organizational conduct.

However, strategic consulting is also recommended for the day-to-day running of an organization as it can prevent potential threats from materializing and prevent future crises.

What is crisis management and why is it needed?

Crisis management is a guiding method to how to take control of a crisis, reduce damage and harm while taking advantage of the possible benefits of the situation. Comprehensive professional crisis management – locating and assessing the organization’s weaknesses and preventing existing weaknesses from erupting.