International investigations

An international investigation is any investigation conducted outside the territory and jurisdiction of the State of Israel. The international investigations take place under foreign conditions and in a lesser-known environment that requires the firm’s close ties with its local sources that will enable the investigation to take place.

Our office has the operational infrastructure and collection systems in the various countries in which we operate. We conduct a wide range of types of international investigations whether in business matters, locating missing persons or debtors, locating assets, economic investigations, surveillance, and more. We work in constant cooperation with locals and thus succeed in conducting complex investigations with great success.

What is an international investigation and what goes into it?

An international investigation refers to a wide range of investigations from all fields such as economic investigation, locating assets, locating heirs, business intelligence, strategic consulting, family law, and more. Common to all of these that make them an international investigation is that at least one part of the entire investigation includes the investigation of elements from other countries or is conducted in another country.

In such cases, the investigators have to operate in several different countries and use different techniques of investigation and data collection while cooperating with many factors in this foreign country and be subject to local law.

Why should I turn to a private investigator for an international investigation and not to various law enforcement agencies?

Although there is an international cooperation between different countries and Israel, sometimes the conduct of law enforcement agencies in the country towards those in a foreign country may be limited and awkward, which can delay the solution.

In addition, due to the official status of these bodies, their level of ability to operate is sometimes limited compared to a private investigator.

In which areas are international investigations mainly conducted?

The main areas in which we operate as part of international investigations in our office are business intelligence and economic investigations. In addition to these, we also operate in the field of family, locating funds, assets, and companies, collecting general and commercial information, and other complex investigations.