Labor Law and Organizational Security

We specialize in employee reliability testing, determining security classifications, and active and passive actions in an attempt to prevent business espionage and leaks.

The company’s activities include carrying out security surveys to prevent devaluation and the detection of deficiencies that constitute the hotspots. we also activate security officers (CBT) and train them regularly while imposing work procedures for physical and internal organizational security.

As part of the management of corporate security  deal, among other things,  with physical security that prevents burglary or theft, information security that prevents the transfer of information to competitors and hostile parties, logistical security to prevent  theft of goods by employees and suppliers, for example, and accounting security Which aims to prevent financial fraud.

Is it possible to do a reliability test for employees?

Loyal and professional employees make the organization more effective and therefore every organization must know “what is going on at home”. Today, many companies turn to employee trustworthiness investigation when they encounter internal organizational problems such as suspected transfer of business information by employees or theft.

Through this test, these concerns can be confirmed or refuted. In addition, these tests can also be performed in cases where there is no fear or suspicion of a specific event to prevent such situations in the future. Reliability tests can be done by verifying data to detect distortions of truth, by computer questionnaires, and even by polygraph testing, surveillance, and more.

Do you deal with the physical security of the business?

Our office can provide organizational security services that will include recommendations that address various issues such as changing work processes, changing the location of cameras or changing and installing security measures, preventing theft, depreciation, and losses.

Unlike security equipment companies our office has the experience that allows us to see the overall picture and deduce where there may be incidents of information theft or leakage under the noses of the subjects and their managers thus also preventing them in advance and reducing risks.

Should I use an investigative office even though I have not caught a thief stealing?

Our office can accompany the client in the planning and implementation stages of the security and safety system and therefore advise on the physical security of the facilities as well as information security issues in the systems, in the field, and with the various employees and suppliers. The existing risks are many, complex, and change from time to time, which requires the customer to re-prepare in advance for the variety of possibilities for harm to the organization by external and internal threats.

It is often not possible to know what the employee is doing in his free time, whether it starts bubbling among a large part of the employees, whether there are employees who steal, and even if there are employees who pass on business information. All of these can not always be identified in advance and therefore our office provides a solution in three stages – prevention, thwarting, and treatment.