סימנים לבגידה

Signs of betrayal and what to do?

What are the signs of betrayal? Do you suspect that your husband is cheating on you? You have intuition and you do not imagine. Although everything seems ‘normal’ you understand that something is not going well. Sometimes it’s hard to admit it. ‘All men are traitors’ they will tell you, but you’re still not sure …

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האזנת סתר


How much do we really know about wiretapping and how do we know we are not being listened to right now? We are sure you’ve heard the terms ‘phone tapping’ or ‘phone bugging’, and you’ve probably read about surveillance and eavesdropping more than once, but have you ever researched the subject in-depth? For example, did …

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מדוע נשים בוגדות

Why women cheat

Even if we do not do it openly – a lot of men get to the point where they ask themselves “Is my wife cheating on me?”. It’s no secret that infidelity rates only go up year after year, and it’s hard not to worry “is this happening to me too”. So how do you …

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בגידות ורומן מחוץ לנישואים

A fling or affair in a marriage

Infidelity among spouses is unfortunately a common phenomenon. Today you can hear many betrayal stories among relatives, friends, co-workers, and more. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you and you notice signs of a wife’s infidelity or signs of a husband’s infidelity such as prolonged time with the mobile phone even outside …

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