Business Intelligence

In the business world and the competitive age we are in, characterized by dynamic activity, exclusive knowledge may be a significant advantage that changes the rules of the game. Thus obtaining real-time information and drawing relevant conclusions is a necessary step in business development.

Decisions that constitute essential business moves such as new partnerships, expansion of business activity, and/or large acquisitions require due diligence and assessment of business risks.

A business that aspires to expand must have a constant flow of information about new markets and opportunities. The unique knowledge we have accumulated with the experience and connections allows us to offer deep and coherent insights to these companies.


What can you know 'with the help of business intelligence?

Business intelligence provides the organization with new information that may affect various dimensions such as: identifying competitors and characterizing the forces operating in the market and even defining their potential for impact and possible damage. Such identification enables the construction of a relevant strategy.

More information is potential business threats or anything that could change the customer’s business environment. With the help of such information, it is possible to analyze the variety of direct and indirect threats that may affect the company’s performance, such as new regulatory restrictions, environmental and political changes, and more.

What can be done with the information revealed in business intelligence?

With the help of the information gathered in business intelligence, the organization can rebuild a relevant and coherent marketing strategy following the competitors and technologies available in the market.

Identifying the threats makes it possible to turn a threat into an opportunity and thus, for example, exploring existing technologies and existing competitors in the market creates an advantage as it allows the mapping of business relationships and the common interests of the various factors in the market.

Is business intelligence relevant in the negotiation process?

Even in the process of business negotiation, business intelligence is a leverage tool since in negotiation knowledge is a force and therefore the information holder has a clear advantage in the process.

With the help of business intelligence, it is possible to obtain information that changes or advances the demands of one of the parties, sharpens the capabilities of the opponents, and constitutes a great weight in the results of negotiations and related processes.

When should I contact an investigation office to obtain business information?

As we have said, business information is one of the key factors in achieving a competitive advantage, and with its help, it is possible to obtain accurate information in a variety of areas relevant to any company such as:

  • Information on potential competitors
  • Information on new markets and new business opportunities
  • Information on new products and technologies
  • Information that maps the business threats
  • Information on competitors’ marketing strategies